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MSV Whole of Life plan

The MSV Whole of Life Plan is a simple life insurance policy which pays a lump sum on death whenever it may occur.

The MSV Whole of Life Plan has been designed to help you protect your family from the financial costs arising on death, such as funeral expenses, taxes and other duties, but can also be used to help maintain your family’s lifestyle or simply to leave as a legacy.

By naming a beneficiary the proceeds of the policy fall outside of your testamentary estate and can be paid directly to whoever you want, avoiding the need to confirm this intention in a Will.

The plan pays an immediate cash lump sum on death¹ and will also pay the lump sum early if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.²

¹ If a beneficiary is named on the policy then we can pay the benefits immediately on receiving the Death Certificate

² Terminal illness is defined as life expectancy medically certified as less than 12 months

MSV Whole of Life Plan at a Glance

MSV Whole of Life Plan at a Glance

Type of Plan
  Whole of Life Policy
Age at Entry   Minimum 18 years, maximum 69 years
Term   Whole of Life Policy
Basis of Life Cover
  Single Life or Joint Life First or Second Death
Protecting Your Dependents
  Upon the death of the Person covered, the Death Benefit will be paid to the heirs
and/or beneficiaries.
Additional Benefits (until age 65)
  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Waiver of Premium - an option designed to protect your contributions in case of injury or illness.
Funeral Expenses Benefit
  A pre-paid amount to cover funeral
expenses up to a maximum of €2,500 or
the value of the policy may be advanced
at our discretion.

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