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The Personal Accident policy is intended to cover you in the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in bodily injury. Such cover will pay according to the type of injury and on the basis of the benefit levels indicated in your policy. Bodily injuries vary from loss of sight, loss of limbs, permanent or temporary disablement or even death. So put your mind at rest and stop worrying about your income, bills, loans and family with a Personal Accident Insurance.

Cover Includes:
  • Death
  • Loss of sight of both eyes or loss of two or more limbs or loss of sight of one eye and one limb
  • Loss of one eye or one limb
  • Permanent total disablement according to disability scale
  • Permanent partial disablement according to nature and scale of disability
  • Temporary total or partial disablement
  • Reasonable medical expenses following bodily injury
  • Disappearance of insured person
  • 24hr cover
  • Worldwide cover