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MSV MSV Loan Protection

The MSV Loan Protection Plan aims to repay any outstanding home loan on your death. This means that you are safe in the knowledge that the roof over your partner and children’s heads is safe even when you are no longer around.

The MSV Loan Protection Plan at a glance
Type of Plan  Decreasing Term Policy 
Minimum Premiums

Annually - €48 Half-Yearly - €24 
Quarterly - €12 Monthly - €4

Age at Entry Minimum 18 years, maximum 70 years
Term Minimum of 5 years, maximum 57 years. The plan must terminate by age 75
Basis of Life Cover Single Life or Joint Life First Death
Protecting your Dependents Outstanding Loan balance will be settled in full upon the death of the Person covered
Funeral Expenses Benefit A free pre-paid amount to cover funeral expenses up to a maximum of €2500 or the value of the policy.

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