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Investment Bond

Special Offer in the MSV Investment Bond

  • 100% allocation after policy fee
  • Policy Fee of just €30, $30 or £20
  • Reduced exit fees
  • Large range of investment options

The Investment Bond is a whole of life single premium life insurance policy linked to the value of underlying investment funds. The plan is available in three currency versions (Euro, US Dollar, or GB Sterling) and each currency version is available in a Standard version and a Premier version.


The Investment Bond offers you the possibility to diversify and balance your portfolio through an investment choice from:

  • Investment Funds managed by Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan and Valletta Fund Management (VFM) and
  • MSV With-Profits Fund that effectively provides capital protection, under the Euro version of the Plan.
The MSV Investment Bond at a glance
Type of Plan Whole of Life Unit Linked Investment Bond
Minimum Premium €/$/£ 3,000 
Minimum Term 5 years
Age at Entry 3 months and a maximum of 85 years
Additional Top-Ups
Minimum €500 and subject to the applicable top-up fees.
Withdrawal of Regular Bonus Any regular bonus declared under the MSV With Profits Fund may be withdrawn without deduction of the relevant exit charges.

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