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Free Life Insurance for Newly

Why are we offering free life cover to newly weds?

We believe life insurance and family protection are the cornerstones to successful financial planning and security. Whilst we can never replace you, our offer is designed to give your new spouse a helpful start in replacing your income in the event of your death.

The MSV Free Life Insurance for Newly Weds is there to help make your life that little bit easier by giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Plan description

A life insurance plan that pays out €10,000 if you die before your first wedding anniversary. 

Your commitment

  • Simply give us all the information we ask for in the application process and if you have to make a claim
  • The life cover is free to all newly weds so there are no premiums to pay

Risk factors

  • The plan has no cash surrender value
  • If you do not truthfully provide all the information we ask for we may not pay out under the plan
  • If you stop living in Malta your plan will end

Who may apply?

  • You can take out the plan if you are a newly wed aged 18 to 65, living in Malta
  • You can take out the plan within 6 months of your marriage
  • The plan will be issued on joint lives

When will the plan pay out?
  • The plan will pay out on death of the Person Covered before the first wedding anniversary
  • The plan will pay out only once so for joint life plans we will only pay on the first death
  • The plan will end on the earliest of the couple’s first wedding anniversary or once the death benefit has been paid, whichever event occurs first.

When will the plan not pay out?

  • The plan will not pay out if you commit suicide, or if you die as a result of a HIV-related illness,non-prescribed drug abuse or if it is related to or   caused by a history of alcohol excess
  • The plan will stop once you have passed your first wedding anniversary
  • Full details of the exclusions are covered in the Policy Document

When will the cover start?

The cover will start once you have completed the application form and we have confirmed your plan has started

What about tax?

  • The cash sum paid on death is currently free from income tax and capital gains tax
  • Tax rules may change

Can I change my mind?

The life cover is free until your first wedding anniversary, however if for whatever reason you decide you do not want to proceed with the plan you can notify us in writing and we will cancel the policy.


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