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MSV Simple Guide to With Profits

The MSV With Profits Fund provides valuable protection and guarantees, whilst smoothing investment returns over the medium to long term.

What are the benefits of With Profits investments?

  1. Capital guarantees

    The amount you invest, after product charges, is guaranteed to be repaid on maturity or on death if it occurs earlier, giving you peace of mind that your investments are safe.

  2. Secure growth

    We add bonuses to your investment each year to provide you with steady and consistent growth. These bonuses are also guaranteed once applied to your account as above.

  3. Tax efficient returns

    Returns from with profits investments are free from tax in the hands of the policyholder*, providing you with one of the most tax-efficient savings available.

  4. Optional annual income

    You may elect to withdraw your bonus once a year in order to help supplement your income in a tax efficient manner*.

  5. Potential for a final bonus

    If you keep your investment for more than 10 years we may provide you with a final bonus to increase your returns. This will depend on the actual performance of the fund.

  6. Decide to whom benefits should be paid

    All With Profits Investments provide you with an option to designate one or more beneficiaries to ensure that the policy pays out quickly and directly to where you want the money to go. The process of getting the money to your designated beneficiaries will, as a result, be significantly reduced.

*based on current tax legislation 

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