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How well is your business protected?

The financial impact following the death, critical illness or disability of key individuals within your business can put your operations at risk. These events often occur when least expected and can cause:

  • Loss of profit
  • Interruption to cashflow
  • Disruptions to loan repayment
  • Changes in shareholder control

In some instances the financial burden could be so great that the business is unable to continue. The concept of our range of business protection plans is to put in place arrangements that help ensure necessary funds become available if those key to your business die ,contract a critical illness, or become disabled during the term of the plan.

What is Business Protection?

The principles of Business Protection are very similar to those of any other Protection Plans. Business Protection may allow your business to continue operating in the event of an unforeseen circumstance such as death, critical illness or disability of a key person or a shareholding director or partner.

What is the MSV Business Protection Plan?

The MSV Business Protection Plans provide you with all the protection your business needs for your key employees. They are flexible products that allow you to tailor cover to suit the need of your business at a particular time.

The Plans have been specifically designed for the following situations:

  • Key Person Protection
  • Partnership or Shareholder Protection
  • Business Loan Protection

Who needs Business Protection?

All businesses should consider Business Protection vital in ensuring the ongoing success and growth of their business. Cover will be available to you and to the people in your business. The plan is flexible and you can tailor it to suit many circumstances. Purchasing such cover may help your business to continue should the worst happen.

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